February 4, 2009
By peanut1330 BRONZE, Mogadore, Ohio
peanut1330 BRONZE, Mogadore, Ohio
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Loneliness is a brick red flower
Wilted in the shadow of the chestnut tree
With the squirrels home near the top
Near lake Berlin

I go to the lake my uncle has never left
His resting place, lake Berlin.
I go on the 4th of July and I think of him
M Uncle Rob, I want to go into the water
But I see his face in my mind

His face tells me not to be afraid
But the fact that he dove into the water
Got knocked unconscious and drown
Tells me to be deathly afraid

I think back to when he was still here
My mind comes up blank,
Not one memory
So I try to think harder,
But still I come up empty handed

Mom shows me old photographs
That doesn't help me remember
His fianc'e, Bev, tells me about him
That did not work either
What am I to do?

I see myself as that brick red weltered flower
But the tree's shadow just keeps getting bigger
And bigger
And bigger
It has no end

The author's comments:
this is again written in the memory of my uncle

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