What I Learned From My Uncle

February 4, 2009
I learned from my uncle how to forget
How to be four when my best friend leaves me
Here to go to that place
Where my head looks down
I drop to my knees
To cry like never before
I learned it's hard to lose someone
Then try to trust again
I take you flowers
But you never will get them
I learned that at first it's not too hard
But doing things we use to do together
Such as hide and seek
Just makes it harder to get through it
I learned to look beyond the sky
Beyond the clouds, the stars, and the moon
I learned to look past all the dreams and hopes
I learned to understand
That everything happens for a reason
And we live to serve a purpose
His purpose was to teach me all that I know
But mostly I learned to forgive the ones who leave
Without any goodbye
Because I know it's for the better
And they lived to finish their purpose

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