Tower of London

February 4, 2009
By Anonymous

Steel bars rust with age

Locked inside a metal cage

Guards that drag you down the stairs

Hurting you without a care

Towering high above the town

No hope of ever coming down

Apart from walking to your death

In which you will take your final breath

Your skin is sallow

Your breathing shallow

As you approach the deathly gallows

Step by step up to the noose

There's no time to plead your truce

The noose is on

The blindfold tied

No one can see the tears you cried

Your snuffles are unheard by unkind cheers

Cries of delight

And horrible jeers

The hangman appears from the crowd

His foul stench cruel

His breathing loud

His footsteps make the floor pound

All is silent

But this sound


The lever is drawn

The trap door wide

Half your body hangs inside

And that's your life

Full stop

The end

I should have been a better friend

As I watch from my cell

I hope you know I wished you well

The guards are coming to my room

Looks like I'll join you very soon.

The author's comments:
I am thirteen years old, I live in Vietnam and I have travalled all over the world. One of my hobbies includes creative writing. I chose to write this because I am actually English, and in English class we had to create a poetry portfolio. I decided to do one about England because I live so far from home, yet I know so much about it and could really put foward alot of detail. And everytime I pass the london tower when I visit home, I can almost feel and imagine all those people and how they must have lived those last moments of their life. Before it was their turn.

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KK22 said...
on Feb. 20 2009 at 2:25 am
My friend wrote this and it is amazing ! Vote for her ! :D

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