Big Brown Eyes

February 3, 2009
By Taylor Harvey BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
Taylor Harvey BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
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Today was a beautiful day
almost as beautiful as your eyes
But unlike the sky, you're eyes show a truth
The U.S justice system can't believe
Because you're eyes
Are way
Down in the depth of my heart
You can see right through me because that's who you are
And together we double our greatness
And lengthen our horizons until all we see is a x-horizontal line stretching forever
I'd like to be your Y.
No, nevermind I couldn't
Because then I'd be your opposite
And we'd never attract except on certain points in the universe and even that'd
Be brief and miniscule.
Coordinated for a purpose bigger than us two, but meaningless to its protagonists
I don't want that experience
Maybe I could be your Z.
And we could be 3D
And smile, and live, and laugh experimentally
And I could dance in the middle of your bellowing voice
I could perform in between the breaths you inhale
And you could kiss me in the middle of dawn
And we could be still for as long as you want
I'd be happy and safe
Every thing would be right
Because I could just stare in your
Big brown eyes
In your
Big brown eyes
I possess no fears
I feel I could be greater
If I could wade in your tears'.
But staring is real enough
You make me want to be tough around you
Because I love those edges that are rough around you
So every meaning of you in a poem I stuff
So that maybe you can shed a tear when you open it up
Because I need to see the feelings you possess
So I can understand why your eyes are nothing less'.
Of a miracle.
So whole.
So spherical.
Like a glittery snow globe your iris dangles in my peripherals and blinds my vision
And if you were a debate topic
You'd be my
And third contention because I know that would win the round
Can't you see?
You are a beautiful Human Being.

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kianapearl said...
on Feb. 16 2009 at 5:25 am
Really amazing. Definitely the best I've read in while. Keep writing!:)

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