Recession or Depression?

February 3, 2009
By Josh Duvall BRONZE, Gilcrest, Colorado
Josh Duvall BRONZE, Gilcrest, Colorado
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Never before seen this sight,
Sweeping the world like a blight.
Maybe once before it was there,
Raising such a scare,
But not the whole world through.
It only effected our country,
Not one or two.

Lots of people panicking,
Withdrawing all their stock,
To pay the bill,
'Cause they lost their job

They call this a recession,
Not quite a depression.
Inflation will be our demise,
When we can't pay for the gas to get us to work,
And the food we eat costs more than the gas.

They say this war is the cause,
Spending to fight an unknown enemy.
They want us out.
They want the money for the politicians paycheck.

No one complains about the auto workers,
Paid thirty an hour,
To tighten a bolt,
On vehicles to pricey to afford,
With any wage less than theirs.

We will pull through,
It's been done before,
We must come together,
to end this endless abuse

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