The Power of Absence

February 3, 2009
By Lindsey Stalnaker BRONZE, Daniels, West Virginia
Lindsey Stalnaker BRONZE, Daniels, West Virginia
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How do you know when to let go, how do you know, you'll never know
Is it good to be strong, is it okay to be wrong, whats the push, the force, that drives us along

Do you still think of me, am I still there inside
Or are those feelings gone, have they got up to hide
I still think of you. For that is one thing I'm sure.
I still see us together, happy like we once were

Distance is painful, but it's one of the challenges in life
Challenges like trust and love; struggle, death, and strife
A challenge of love, that ambition in us all
The possibility of heartbreak or true love you could fall

Risk; a decision to be taken. A chance to be wanted, needed, or worst of all forsaken
But what about the few, where the souls connect
Sent from heaven above, the one true love you have met

Emotions lie in the depth behind the eyes
Whether a single glance is gained, imprinting comfort that's memorized
What I am not, for them shall it be.
You are the half of what I am not and for that I envy.

A change in time, so sudden, so abrupt
This love is a flame; for it should not be interrupt
Departed souls at different ends of the sea
All that's left is old photographs and faded memories

What if it had been different; where the heart overpowered the mind?
Our love was like no other, so unique, so cherished, so kind.
Do you ever still think of me? A place of remembrance or thought?
Perhaps an old movie clip that you flipped through once and caught

I don't expect you to wonder. I don't expect you to care
But in my world I wonder. It's like you follow me everywhere.
You're what I wake up to of a morning, you reside within my dreams
You're the comfort I rely on, even though you are not seen

I want this feeling to go away. I want that and nothing more.
But then I think is that what I want? For the person I most adore.
What could make this easier? This situation that's anything but fair.
An instance, event, or memory. You're with me everywhere.

I want you to go away . I want you to run and hide.
I want to hear you say I love you. I want you to want me as I.

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