February 3, 2009
'Check' he said.As that last piece fell,the other made no sound,
he was silent as death itself.
He had a chill run down his spine,
this was what he waited for so long?This wretched feeling? How dare he makethis last piece fall! Oh how he regret!Sounds drawing near he runs,the soft bunches of snow clumping in his eyes,
he heads right for a cliff, but checking his right side pocket to make sure it was there.Three months later a body was discovered on the shores of Holland, with
a note in his right pocket:
Check was not the end, my dear fellow we will see,each others face again, for I send,my greatest sorry to plee thee!I know your death was cruel, Im sorry you went,
that thing I killed you with; that tool,a normal day tool, and bye bye you went.Am I crazy to have jealousy? Well, my dear fellow,
I am now checkmate.

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