i will always love you

February 3, 2009
By adrianna103 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
adrianna103 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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you were the light
that made me shiny and bright
i couldnt believe
for i thought it was all a dream
i wish you knew
how much i loved you
but our time has gone
its all said and done
it hurt me bad
i was so lonely and sad
it should be a crime
for people to say
that everything heals in time
oh,how i wish that you were still mine
and i will always love you
you were my dream come true

The author's comments:
dedicated to the love i had to let go because a heart is not some thing you pick up and put down when you want it and when you dont. a heart is like a person. its alive and may be brocken and bruised. just like a person a heart can only take so much pain until you need to stop whats causing the pain.

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