Deadly Words

February 3, 2009
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Some people have the nerve to say "Sticks and stones can brake my bones but words will never hurt me." but,

Words hurt, feels like a knife, a knife going through your heart, cut deep to the other side.

Words can kill you, shoot you
in the chest, all this can happen if words get in your head.

Some people are to childish to learn words can drown you in the deepest pool or lake, some use words to get you like bait.

Words can pound on you and stomp on your heart, some people are to careless to learn words can tear you apart.

Words can make you jump off the highest building you'll ever see, people use words to hurt you cause they know words are the key.

When you read this I hope you
understand be careful what you say cause words can even hurt the biggest man.

Words can shut you down to where you can't even see, words can hurt you and words can hurt me.

Some words should think before they speak.

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