Sheer Valleys of My Soul

February 3, 2009
By SapphireCat GOLD, Winchester, Kentucky
SapphireCat GOLD, Winchester, Kentucky
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I stand upon a metal walkway
Above a pit of searing flames.
People writhe and scream below
In the agony of their shames.
The scathing darkness rises
From the cackling, saffron coal.
Though it drenches the atmosphere
Its fingers cannot touch my soul.
I step across the iron mesh
And exit through a blackened door,
Shutting in the blaze of blood-lust
And melting flesh upon the floor.

Outside I see an endless realm
Of blue-tinted, silken white.
The sun glares from the navy sky,
A flaring torch of sapphire light.
My feet sink into soothing warmth
As I glide across the frosted plane.
My heart sighs with serenity
At this beauty blue as rain.
I glance back at the rusted furnace,
With walls of festering blight.
A painful ache stabs my heart
At the ugly, mangled sight.

Distant grating cracks pull my gaze
To a shady mountain rise,
Boulders falling from its face
Like a score of wounded flies.
I watch, entranced, as they tear
Like lightening from the sky.
Casting shadows over the building
With a shrill and whistling cry.
Viciously the jagged stones
Crush the store of grisly rot,
Consuming every spec of the
Black, blood-blistered spot.

My chest thrums contently as
I peer across the luminous blue,
The stretch of incandescent beauty
Even brighter than I knew.
My lips curl up in a soft smile
And pleasure strikes my heart astir.
The air rings with gentle harmony
For my world at last is pure.

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