School Poem

February 3, 2009
By Ivett Pascual SILVER, Astin, Texas
Ivett Pascual SILVER, Astin, Texas
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'School Poem"

Big buildings, tall tree
A marquee with words on it
Sidney Lanier High School
Was the name if this building
Light colors
Beautiful green bushes that surrounded
The entire building.

The sidewalk that took me to the front
Of the main office
The place that made me feel comfortable
Since the first step

A tall building surrounded with big murals
Those made the school look pretty
Murals that were painted by their own students
What a magnificent thing
Students turned into artist

The courtyard
Amazing tall threes
That were widely open with tons of leaves
A calm silence
That was bothered by the little birds

Lots of classrooms that were filled
With all kinds of student
Hallways, students walking around the school
All kinds of things going on in their heads

More tall threes
They look like palms
This picture made people feel happy
Because it lighted their life's with
Clear colors
Plants that were about to bloom

The second floor
Took students to see the school
From another perspective
Birdies hiding inside of the buildings
Scare of their own problems

Flags that were hang in the walls
All kinds of them
It represented all the different students cultures
Proud ness is what I feel about my fantastic
Lanier High School

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