February 3, 2009
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We sit side by side
I stare at you
I smile at you
I love the way you look at me
Glad for your presence
Hoping you'll see me again and give me
A smile

Your radiant lips spoke softly to me
I love the way your radiant lips spoke to me
I love the way your voice sounds
When you say I LOVE YOU!!!
The sweetness in your voice vibrates
Inside my soul
Everything you say does no bother me

I have space in my heart for you
Let me share you my love
Because you're the only one
That is allowed to be inside
Just as long as you believe in me

It's all because of you that my dream came true
If I have to choose between breathing
And loosing you I would use my last breath
To say I LOVE YOU!!!
And I wrote your name in my heart and
Forever it will stay'

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