i am mexican

February 3, 2009
By Anonymous

I have the face of a puppy but
The courage of a lion.
It may seem that i am meek
But I feel like a 'KING',
This is all about me
But I am just a kid,
I actually feel American but
I am proud to say I am Mexican,
And say Arriba Mexico.
I am in the land of freedom
But there is no freedom,
With all the smoking and the drinking
The 'VIOLENCE' I don't think this is freedom.
The only freedom I have
Is when I look back at some old photos,
Of my family and old friends,
And proud to say I am Mexican
When I think back to
See myself crossing the border I feel pain
And I also feel the heat, the trust, the hunger
I can't imagine a kid like me trying to do that
So I am proud I made it to the U.S. I am proud to say I am Mexican,
I am proud to say that I was born
In the land of angels.
Angels just like the Virgin Mary,
As she appeared in front of a noble man named
Juan Diego.
Many things that had happened in Mexico City
Like the eagle fighting a snake on a cactus.
That's my symbol of liberty.
That's my statue of liberty.
I am proud to say I am Mexican why do ask me
Because Mexico when through more than America did.
Just like some of my friends
Say go F yourself if you call us beaners ,
Go check our Mexican history
We fought more that you gringos
Would ever do.

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