At The End of The Day

February 3, 2009
By Tippy BRONZE, Childersburg, Alabama
Tippy BRONZE, Childersburg, Alabama
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Favorite Quote:
Believe; when the world stops believing; Try; even when the world gives up.
It's kind of fun to do the impossible-Walt Disney

As I walk through the school
I feel like I'm brand new
Cool as can be
But is this person really me
Basically describe me
Am i less of a person
For being all that you want me to be
I look at you funny
Avoid you in the halls
I keep walking
When your talking
Like I didnt see you at all
Am I better than you
Is that what you see
When you think of me
It's not fair to me
To be portrayed as a thing
When I'm really
Not anything like you want me to be
The things I do and get
Are really just me
Characteristic can be a bigge
But all and all
At the end of the day
I am me

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