I Love You

February 3, 2009
By Kaylan Heckman SILVER, Oak Grove, Missouri
Kaylan Heckman SILVER, Oak Grove, Missouri
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I stare at you
Lying so sweetly in my arms
Asleep without a care in the world
Free from evil's clutches
You stay so quiet
No one can tell
From you angel sleeping face
The dangers you face
The hardships you endure
You can't tell that you have a problem
Watiting to be solved
One that waits in the dark bowels of your mind
For at the moment
I move a stray stand of silky hair
Away from your face
You stir but never wake
Have you seen yourself
As you lie in these arms of mine
I wonder
Can I make you happy for the rest of your life
Or will I be plagued by the images of your sleeping face
For the rest of eternity
Then you wake
The thoughts running through my head
Unable to answer the questions
And then you stare at me ever so sweetly
And say
"Morning, honey. I love you"
And then I know
My questions are answered
And I kiss you on the lips ever so gently and sweetly
And say
"I love you to"

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