The Path

February 3, 2009
By Al Carney BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
Al Carney BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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The Path

As I search for a better day all I do is keep a clear mind, can't take my eyes off the prize at the end of the road

Through my quest I pass many struggles, hateful people, people who try to throw me off my game plan

My quest just begun, all I can d is keep my eyes clear, keep a clear mind, and keep a steady pace

Can't anyone come between me and my quest, I will not allow it, my quest will never be over until I get to the finish line

As I strive to get to the finish line so many girls try to throw me off with their charm and sadness but it's not getting to me

Damn to late I'm off the straight road to glory, damn God help me lord do your best to get me back on the path

I keep my head hanging high every second of the day; I keep my heart open to new and upcoming trails in my life
Life is my quest and it's never over, it will never be over'. Until my time is up. My time just begun and its not even close to the end' Days go by and I'm at my best not matter what I do
Ups and downs play a role in my quest I seen so much on my quest that I'm not proud of but who knows if it was a test and I may have passed or not
Morning, noon and night I dream a dream that victory will be mine some day.

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