He exists

February 3, 2009
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Somewhere in my mind
Somewhere deep, somewhere closed off
Lies a never ending plunging abyss
In which he exists.
Its where he lives,
Its where he breathes,
Where he sleeps
And where he eats.
Where he loves,
Loves me for who I am
Not deceived by the outside
Not pressured by society
Fixed and adamant,
Unaffected is he.
His soul, his mind
His heart, so pure, so innocent, never the blame
Conceived by love, creativity, imagination, so confident and
Sure of himself
And rightfully so should he be
And me,
In my own skin when he's around
It fits So comfortably.
Me, him, we, us, together -
Me, him, we, us, together
Binded by an infinite love.
Somewhere in my mind,
Somewhere deep, somewhere closed off,
lies A never ending, plunging abyss
In which he exists.

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