Born to Conform

February 3, 2009
By BORREGO PLATINUM, Sacramento, California
BORREGO PLATINUM, Sacramento, California
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Norms, likeness, conformity, tradition
Fearing to be different, not taking your own position.
Like Clones, faking smiles so you'll feel accepted
Hiding your emotions so you won't be rejected.
Feeling different inside, but being afraid to show it.
Behold! Few of the many dangers to the poet
Not only to the poet, to everyone, society
The pile up, weighing down on normal human anxiety
Until one day you reach your limit and do something you regret
It's the media, the government, not your fault, don't forget.
Its also common folk that go along with it and do nothing.
Sit around and watch, and only talk of doing something
These people are part of the problem, not of the solution.
This is why I have started my own personal revolution.
But I am only one soul; I need much, much more
This is not a call to action, but a summoning, to a war.
Our Enemy? A rigid system. Customs. Conformity.
Our Weapons? Willpower. Resolve triggered by adversity.
Our Battlefield? Hearts and Minds. Not your street or your city.
Our Goal? Unity through diversity.

What I speak of is not rebellion for the sake of rebelling.
There is a deeper significance in the message I am telling.
Revolting for no reason is pointless, maybe a little insane.
If everyone was different then everyone would be the same.
Beautiful Paradox' But aren't I asking everyone to do the same thing.
Am I no better? An idealistic fly that has lost his wings?
Conformity is a virus. But this I hadn't expected.
It's too late for me now. I've already been infected.

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