February 2, 2009
By Anonymous

Nothing in my life is pretty anymore
Nothing shimmers, nothing shines.
Nothing glimmers, nothing rhymes.
Poetry is words of the dead
That softly speaks inside my head.
Laughter turns into sharp cries
That pierce your heart and snickers lies
It rips away my soul, curls up and dies

Nothing in my life is pretty anymore.
Nothing matches, nothing's clean
They are cruel, they are mean.
They who crush your pretty and make you sad
And evilly, silently, they drive you mad.
They in which you cannot see-
But wait if you may, and listen to me.
I'm slowly dying, internally.

The pretty that used to fill my lungs and the air
The pretty is gone. The pretty isn't there.
I'm tangled in hate, loss of hope and despair.

Because nothing in my life is pretty anymore
I miss the sunshine that used to await me out the door.
Where are the stars that used to shine in the sky?
Where is the scent of freshly baked pumpkin pie?
Where are the arms of the ones who I love?
Where is my god, who looks on from above?
My eyes only see blackness and darkness, and night.
And even if I push with all of my might
Pretty is never the first thing in sight.
Where is the light?

The author's comments:
Ugh. My life sux right now. (you can tall because usually my poems reflect on how i feel) somebody help me.

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