Lost Heart

February 2, 2009
By Emma wakely BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
Emma wakely BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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You stand there with a solemn look on your face,
Knowing that this is your final mistake.
You've had one too many chances to blow,
Looks like you're finally out on your own.
Authorities try so hard to protect,
And you see it as a meaningless threat.
Everyone loves you more than you know,
I guess it took this much for it to really show.
Your family sees you lying on the floor,
But too hurt to try to help you anymore.
Cause if they put one more ounce of heart into you,
Their hearts will break along with you too.
All your heart is wasted away,
All that's left are your tears and your pain,
You strived for light but only got beaten down,
Even though you were the ONLY bad influence around.
Ring leader in all of the games.
Lusting for glory. Lusting for fame.
Selfish desires put you straight on your back
Did it make up for everything you thought you lacked?
Honey, there was never anything wrong with you at all,
Always allowing temptation to push you til you fall.
Your on the floor, you can't get up.
But I guess you were never able to rise above.
Or was it the fact that you never tried?
Concealed the truth, convinced it was a lie.
But the words you hear everyday,
Should never ever be thrown away.
They come not from the flesh, but from the heart,
The two big things you could never tell apart.
So as you turn your back on this place and say your goodbyes,
Just remember one thing: what would have happened if you only tried?

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