Dead Presidents

February 2, 2009
By gwonder24 BRONZE, Chagrin Falls, Ohio
gwonder24 BRONZE, Chagrin Falls, Ohio
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Who's doesn't like dead presidents
we all struggle
just look at the evidence
lost in a town with no residents
trynna find out what heaven is
whats good or bad
i need some severance
i want presidents to represent me
without going to far
and going to crazy
or get so much that i turn out lazy
i wanna help out the world
cant be accomplished with just one girl
to whom much is given
then much is needed
fight hard stay believing
and ur dreams
ull start achieving
i wanna shoot for the stars
ppl steady telling me i wont get far
but there just mad
cuz they don't know who they are
they mad cuz they aint make it
so there always hating
they got me
comparing things with no relation
im steady fighting temptations
im just sick of all the fakin
so rhymes i start creating
george washington
abraham lincoln
ur not stupid
what are u thinking
hamilton and jackson
be real no more acting
grant and then franklin
now its the end
of head shaking
u may think money helps u survive
but without god u wouldnt be alive
money wont make u happy
it will actually make u sad
only thing it buys
is u a nice buy love
cant buy fame
cant stop the rain
what is this about money
that has ppl going insane

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