my tears

February 2, 2009
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my tears fall gentely as i cry as i look at
the night sky
the moon shines bright
my room it alights
i curl up on the floor
and look up at the moon and its core
the moon is up high not a cloud in the sky
as i lay here looking up as i cry
i shut my eyes and try to leave
far away from this world into my dreams
each tear after tear
falling from fear
this feeling of hurt why does it last
its painfull how long will it take for this feeling to pass
each tear glistens from the silver moonlight
each drop falls to the floor can you hear it well listen
as the moon shines on my soft porclain like skin
my tears on my face glisten as they rolll of my chin
my tears fall gently
my cries are cried softly
so im done with pain and im done with suffering
now ill shut my eyes and ill never stop dreaming

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