Two of Them

February 2, 2009
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I have two voices in my head.
They never always agree.
I don't know which one to listen to.
They tell me to do different things:
should I go, or should I stay;
do I lead, or do I follow;
what to do later, where to go next.
Which one should I listen to?
Endless choices.
An eternal tug-of-war for my mind.
Which side am I on?
Who do I choose?

Sometimes I can't stand these voices.
I get tired of listening to them fighting.
Shouting, arguing.
I try to shut myself away, to get away.
I slam the door shut,
but I still feel them.
I clasp my hands around my ears,
but I still hear them.
I close my eyes,
but I still see them.
I want to run away and never come back.
But if I leave them both behind,
who will be left?
Another choice.

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Pooky123 said...
Jun. 27, 2010 at 11:14 pm
Aw, this is really good Brook! I never knew that you're a potential writer! Great job! I really like it! Can you make one that rhymes?
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