IF you only knew

February 2, 2009
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if you only knew
if you only knew how i cry every night
well its mi fault for placing u on a pedastool
it was mi fault for caring about u
it was mi fault for not allowing you t spend time with your dudes all the time
it was my fault for keeping myself back for you
but now what?
you have feelings for me?
then y r u wit someone?
why dou care about hu i like?
why do you care when boyz are around me?
why do you care when i'm jus going out wit anotha boy.
at least it's one boy and i took mi time
you neva did...a week lata and u moved on 2 a 3rd gurl
you're a lier
you're a fool
now you feel it
even though YOU THINK we're cool
people see it even your gurl
she still believes that i'm a threat
now you think tht later on we'll get baq togetha
well i don't know---
i know the knew trend is "go green"
but i dont use recycables...
i recycle bottles and cans not boyz....
so stay there now and destroy you life

at least i know it aint mine

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3ri B. said...
Feb. 17, 2009 at 4:41 pm
omg...i wuz maddd....hey ppls check out this poem:

this goes out to all those that are being pressured and those that are above the influence:

I am me whether u like it or not
I don't care what's cool
I don't care what's hot
I won't destroy my life to listen to u
Lie all the time
Hiding the truth
I won't let myself get into ur grasp
To make me ur minion
One that won't ... (more »)
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