I am Walking

February 2, 2009
By idontknow BRONZE, Westborough, Massachusetts
idontknow BRONZE, Westborough, Massachusetts
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I am walking

I am walking down a sunny yellow path
Between two meadows of flowers
Their scent intoxicating me

The sky is covered with iridescent hues
I keep walking with a smile on my face
Pleased with the luck I have had

Then dark clouds cover the sky
The wind slaps me in the face
My smile turns to a frown

My spirits plummet to the ground
I keep walking wondering to myself
Will I make it? Will I make it?

I trudge against the pouring rain
Hitting me like daggers
But a glimmer of hope still remains

Like a small candle glowing dimly in the dark
about to go out
I have no more oil to give it

I still keep walking
The clouds of rain mocking my every step
Then I see a beam of light

I start to run
Faster and faster and faster
When I reach the beam of light

I can see the yellow path again
And the colorful flowers
The sky showing it's true colors

A smile forms on my face again
The candle glowing dimly in the dark now shines brightly
I am walking

The author's comments:
This comment is about my piece. I hope the reader can gather the inner meaning of the poem. This poem is really a journey through life. Life has it's up's and down's. You cant always find the answer or path to success. But if you keep moving forward you will come to a better place. Thank you

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