February 2, 2009
By DomoLuvsYou BRONZE, Sacramento, California
DomoLuvsYou BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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She looked up at the light
He was her star
O,how he shown so bright
He filled all the empty space
Replaced it with joy
That was only the beginning about this new boy
He helped fight through the pain
That left her heart hollow
This concern was his main
Even after all the days that came to follow
He was her crutch that she learned to lean on
The trust began to build
And she knew he wasn't here to con
Her love for him was unlike any other
Stronger then the bond between child and mother
In her eyes the time they spent together
Was like catching a golden feather
It was almost unreal
Too good to be true
But within few months time the past was starting to heal
She felt as though she was able to start over
Make a new chapter in her book
Despite all the time it might have took
But one night as she walked outside
She took one hard look at the sky
Then she realized as she stared at the light
That he was her star
O,how he shines so bright

The author's comments:
This is about my boyfriend.I have had alot happen in the last couple years.Things got pretty bad.I didnt have anyone that i could really trust to talk to.Towards the end of my freshman year we stared going out.He wasn't like anyone else in so many ways.He is probably my best friend now,the first person i go to for anything and everything.I love him so much.

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