Welding Love

February 2, 2009
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All the feelings of hate,
Wanting the thoughts to sedate.
Chaos around me,
And my pain you cannot see.

The breaking of love and their solemn vow,
All of the hurt behind us now.

The chain that was broken is being repaired,
As well as the love that they both once shared.
The broken link that was once split in two,
Is now being welded for the vow they will pursue.

The looks that they give are no longer empty,
But now hold true love and passion plenty.
Affection now shown for the love is growing,
No bumps on the way so it all will keep flowing.

So glad that this hurt is finally over,
But was more than just luck from a four leaf clover.
The clasping of hands and elbows rested,
Show that my belief and hope was tested.

With my heart open and my desires said,
This shows where my efforts and hope has led.
They're inside the hands of the holy lord,
For the pain that once was we can no longer afford.

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