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October 29, 2015
By eddiecasanova916 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
eddiecasanova916 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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For the past two weeks I have traveled a long fifteen minute trail every morning 
When I wake up I feel jail calling so I turn myself in at 8:30 and get out at 2:10
I have no need to take a shower because of my freshness and I honestly don’t care
I do brush my teeth because one day I want to have super pretty pearly whites
Afterwards I throw on the same clothes I wore two days prior, throw on some perfume
Take a quick 60 secs to find what song I should listen to this horrible morning
Take a 10 sec just to walk outside to grab my four wheeled flat car to lay it on the side walk and start to push
Yes! Now I can get barked at by the same three ugly a** dogs who I have known since they were puppies 
I like to pretend that there telling me have a good day
I get on a backstreet then stop to spark a cigarette, and then continue
I get on the main street now and get in the street like I’m in an actual automobile
Get honked at several times before getting on the sidewalk and tossing my cig
All of this has happened in 12 minutes
I go up the curb pull in to the parking lot hop off my whip and restart my song
Put on a fake smile before walking in the office and handing a lady I don’t even know my only source of transportation
Walk out go to my first cell tell the warden good morning and take a seat
After 9:20 I will go to 5 more jails, gosh I can’t wait until 2:10

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this is about school.

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