Power of Will

January 29, 2009
By AnnieLee BRONZE, Sparks, Nevada
AnnieLee BRONZE, Sparks, Nevada
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Gone was the sound of many men,
And before I knew it they were there again.
I watched as past me they rode.
Off their horses away they strode.

Blood on their swords,
Dents in there shields,
Such memories do blood stained swords yield.

The young are never wise
But I saw the world through simple eyes.
I wanted to fight,
Nay I wanted to kill,
To feel the rush to feel the thrill,

But woe was me,
And away I went.
To kill so nobly;
Of course unbeknownst to me,
Great horror I was bound to see,

On my horse I rode to war,
I saw what I never saw before,
Women and children and men of old,
Huddled together in the cold,

I was commanded,
And thus learned the chill,
The bitterness of my first kill'

In my head I asked why oh why?
Why do the innocent need to die?

I had to kill, kill them all,
Even the weakest the old and the small.

Suddenly I saw the light,
In killing there is no delight.

I had to undo what I had done,
I had to go, I had to run,
I saw two children,
We had not yet slain,
Hiding, terrified in the rain,

I defied my commander,
I rode to the children and said..
'I will not harm you,
Ride with me or you'll be dead'

I grabbed their hands,
Threw them on my horse,
Through the rain I plotted a course.
The others pursued me
But I knew I was right,
They followed me all of the night.

I ran away to a different land.
The children didn't understand.
'Why did you save us?
You were commanded to kill'
I cried as I told them''

'Power of will, power of will'
The children forgave me,
But never can I.
I brought death, I made their kinsmen die.

I looked at the men,
Again and again,
Till I said what must be told

'You may fight for glory,
For Honor or gold,
But before you decide kill,
Remember the power of will.
Remember the good the just and the right,

For in killing there is no delight.'

The author's comments:
This is a poem a worked hard on, it takes place in midevil times and i really wanted to potray the injustice of killing the innocent.

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