January 29, 2009
By Latrice Holmes SILVER, Salem, Oregon
Latrice Holmes SILVER, Salem, Oregon
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To a name left unsaid

in a world left unknown

To a person I will never recognize

to someone no emotions have been shown

i know nothing about your life

i do know you never tried

i'm 17 years old now

for you I will never cry

it may seem easy

to live your life as it may seem

its hard because you don't know I exist

its hard because you only exist in my dreams

we may be related

hardly at that

the thought of you in my life

makes my heartbeat go flat

you may know my name

I just wish you knew the pain I feel

I wish you were someone I could look up to

someone I trust for real

but dreams will be dreams

reality has yet to set in

not everyone is perfect

not everyone is meant to win

not every hole is meant to be filled

not everyone's dreams are meant to come true

for if that were the case

I would be looking into the eyes of you

you are my downfall

that thing that makes my heart weak

saying its hard not to have you in my life

is an understatement to speak

for now you stay in my thoughts

you will still make me sad

I will always know you as

That superman I never had

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This article has 1 comment.

kalee said...
on Feb. 13 2009 at 2:20 am
thats was amazing. perfect...


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