Like Man, Like Dress

January 29, 2009
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Looking through your closet for the perfect attire
that would satisfy the eyes of your lover.
You question yourself, what shall I wear
to have everyone notice that I am there?
Perhaps the strapless would suffice
to have him notice your protruding collarbone and think twice.
But no, the frame of a skeleton
shouldn't be the main attraction'.
instead offer a smile of satisfaction.
The shimmering ruby dress would present a kind
of chest that eyes couldn't leave behind.
Yet, you think, the reason he chose me
is not for my beauty, but my spirit tinged with glee.
A form-fitted plum sparkle may do the trick
but is it right to make his insides tick
with a crazed lust so wild
but instead amuse him with a pun from a child?
You pluck another dress from the hanger,
overcome with frustration and anger.
The array of sequins on this one would give the eyes a surprise,
and make the spirits of many men rise'
yet, are you just to please your one and only'
to treat him with kindness and never leave him lonely?
You eye the heap of clothes, wondering where to start,
to win the coveted prize of your lover's heart?
Yet, you realize, glancing into the depths of the mirror,
clothing can't make you draw him near.
Perhaps, it's to use as an enticement or disguise
or simply for an element of surprise.
Your true flavor, from within,
your laugh itself will take his senses for a spin.
A lone dress hangs, one of a different story,
waiting for a body to be encased in its glory.
You slip it on, and to your pleasure,
the appearance of you is taken to a different measure.
Your eyes are emphasized by the shade
of haunting jade
and the flowing fit allows you to feel
and let you be authentically real.
The doorbells calls as you rush to answer its beckoning sound,
and open the door to be found
the pleasing face of your lover,
and are pulled into his arms, fitting like nothing other
than the dress you chose tonight
like man, like dress, only you can set it right.

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