My Riddle

January 29, 2009
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You've probably heard of my name

The damage I can do

I can break your heart

I make the untrue become true

I'm taller than all the buildings

And bigger than the trees

The more I'm used for hurt

The bigger I can be

Try to come to my side

Take a step over here

I will turn your dreams into nightmares

I make the fearless start to fear

The unbreakable's begin to break

I make the strongest start to cry

Nothing can over come me

Nothing dares to try

I'll send shivers down your spine

Your blood will begin to burn

I make jaws drop in awe

At the bazaar things they learn

I spread faster than I cold

And become bigger the more I try

I break you down and ruin you

I make true stories turn into lies

I love to watch you crumble

Its my type of you

For all I am

Is a silly little rumor

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