Slumberless Nights

January 29, 2009
By Ryan Nabil SILVER, Dhaka, Other
Ryan Nabil SILVER, Dhaka, Other
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I am lying down my bed, blanket over my
Face, Flashback go by,
I am perplexed in the ocean of reminiscence

My night has just begun
To keep me awake.
The unfathomable pain
The night wants to provoke.

Why my thoughts are confined
To this ceaseless agony
Which I can't get rid of,
I feel titanic pain

When your figure is flashed
In my inward eyes,
And bottomless soreness collapse.

I wander in the unforgettable past,
And times we spent
Together, and dazzling days I was out
With you, the fever pitching exciting moments you had with me
Were they merely a dream?
And how the sunset came
Out of the blues,
Shattering the hopes into countless pieces,
The pieces which is impossible to glue.

I am lying on my bed
I hear you speaking to my head,
I see your venomous but loving face.
I wish we could just be together,
Wish I could eradicate the flashbacks, the reminiscences forever,
The unfathomable pain you have injected
The thing which has turned my head.

I don't know if we will be back,
But, Will I ever be able to sleep like I did before,
To lead life like I was leading before,
Perhaps, Get you back, or whatever,
I don't want to tour the boulevard of love sets any more,
I can bear the enormous ache no more.

The soft cushion,
The only witness of my profound pain,
That is kept deep inside the walls of a broken
Heart, Lost Love, Wets by the myriad of drops,
Of tears from my eyes,
In these slumber less nights.

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