Someday, Someway

January 29, 2009
By Ryan Nabil SILVER, Dhaka, Other
Ryan Nabil SILVER, Dhaka, Other
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I can never forget this day
The gloomy memory of this mournful day floods my
Fragile soul with eternal agony.
Because, You went a million miles away
In this melancholy day.
Causing me to perplex in the abyss of blue.

I wish I could,
Talk to you again
And eradicate the immense pain.
I can never forget you, and so
Someday, Someway,
Together we want to cast
Ourselves back into lives, back into the blurred
Brobdingnogian pleasureful days, so sweet
The days were, The bliss, The Nirvana.

The tearful reminiscence of the whingin' day
Throbs my heart with issurin' pain
As you hit the road,
To a place which is unknown,
The way which is inaccessible .
The boulevard of broken emotion,
Which I cant reach, in this swarthy day.

I want to be back to you again
At any cost, by any mean.

Someday, Someway
I will go to the utopia where you are
Return into the dream-like gone gay days,
And trace the bliss.

Someday, Someday
I will be back to you,
I don't know how I will do that,
But all I know is that, I will restart
And that day aint too far away

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