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January 29, 2009
By Ryan Nabil SILVER, Dhaka, Other
Ryan Nabil SILVER, Dhaka, Other
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It was then when I had lost my destiny into murky metro of madness,
When the intimated ones were betrayal leaving scab of crack
You surfed over the waves of frantic upstream ocean
For the love and tranquility you had brought
How come you will not be my corner stone?
You have made a golden throne
It's untouchable, It's unbreakable.

Recalling the lazy days of winter vacation
When consecutive setbacks thundered near by,
I kept dreaming about my dream girl every day and night
Where is she, the hidden treasure, Will I have to look far and wide?
I slept every night wishing that let tomorrow by the day I find
You, and the tangible days I had wasted with my ex,
Kind of hard to get it over, as it is,
Then your sunlight blazed
Through the breach of clutter of floating cloud
The nightmares were 20 feet under the ground
You sent it, and now happy is something I really am.

When I needed someone to talk to when I was in soledad
Someone to share things with,
From the dirtiest dark secret to the happiest events,
Anyone to cry to,
You were not the one to trot away,
Slipped away through the aisle of life
Throwing me to the metro of madness.

It is quite incredible if my love is not purer than 24 caret gold
It is untouchable, quite unbreakable
The love potion that you fed me was the best one could
Cook, you are the best thing that s happened
To me, the only good thing in this rotten life,
And now I want to say, No doubt that
You are simply the best.

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