A Vampires Hunger

January 29, 2009
By Lulu~ GOLD, Vidalia, Georgia
Lulu~ GOLD, Vidalia, Georgia
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Blood red lips conceal the fangs, For love or lust, the hunger pangs. One short incision, one moment of bliss, Grow limp to the lure of the Vampire Kiss. Stalk the night in search of prey, Live in shadow, sleep by day. Clothe the world in drapes of dark, Dead lips scream-enduring-Hark! For love is lost where life is too, Together apart, romance askew. A cold embrace, a withered heart. A resentful love, one cannot impart. Trapped in a corpse, roaming the earth, Devoid of humanaity, rubbed off all mirth. To be immortal means to be free, Of the torment of life, never rested will be.

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