I'm Fine

January 28, 2009
By Brinkersangel26@aol.com BRONZE, Springfield, Massachusetts
Brinkersangel26@aol.com BRONZE, Springfield, Massachusetts
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I'm FINE with the way you treating me the ways that you do.
I'm FINE with the life that I have to live.
I'm FINE with the looks that I tend to give.
I'm FINE with everything that my life has to throw at me.
*And just to tell you FINE is the worst thing I can be*

I'm FINE with the hurt and pain in my heart.
I'm FINE with the ways that I hurt inside and out.
I'm FINE with the ways things used to be and still are.
I'm FINE with the life that you have been giving to me.
*And just yo remind you FINE is the worst thing I can be*

I'm FINE with every little thing that happens.
I'm FINE with every BIG thing that doesn't.
I'm FINE why don't you get it through your head!
*And just to remind you once again it's the most terrible thing that I can be and go through*

So just to tell you everything that I go through, and have gone through has been totally F-I-N-E
So take your sincerity and all your love and shove it where you know that it's FINE!

The author's comments:
I wrote this when I was feeling really upset about a break up that I just recently had. I'm fine now. I hope that the readers will find that it's not the end of the world and when you feel okay in the end just kno the pain does fade with time.

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