January 28, 2009
By Runnin_After_Crazy_Rhythm BRONZE, Citrus Heights, California
Runnin_After_Crazy_Rhythm BRONZE, Citrus Heights, California
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Swirling moons tumbling into the deep abyss of darkness.
A place where twilight never comes, and sunlight doesnt dare to shine.
The ominous sound of nothing, creeping into my ears.
So dark, yet bursts of color protrude here and there.
The colors of mauve, red and purple, ripping the sky into peices,
but as soon as they fade, they undoubtedly goes back to the raven colored sky.
Stars always shining, but with a murky film about them.
Blocking their magnificence from bursting out around me.
Cold winds blowing, coming from all directions.
I dont know where they come from, or where they go.
Or when they will come, nobody knows.
Silence creeps in and envelopes my body.
Removing any slight hint of sound.
Making me invisible.
A burst of purple shines through the black, glowing on my face.
Everything becomes illuminated and again goes back to the dreary black,
coming from the unknown place.

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