The Hope of all Things

January 28, 2009
By Cheychey39 GOLD, Norwalk, Wisconsin
Cheychey39 GOLD, Norwalk, Wisconsin
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There's a hope in the soul,
That's in every living thing.
Weather a person, plant, or animal.
It starts as a dull ach,
Then slowly, but surely,
It grows.
To an enourmous feeling.
That can't be ignored.
Like air,
As a butterfly on new found wings.
The hope of all things.
It's what keeps you going.
Dreams are started by it.
Friends are encouraged by it.
Everything lives for it.
It keeps you alive.
But sometimes,
The hope itself fades.
When hope fades,
Everything fades.
A flower's bright colors fade to grey,
Animals lie still,
And people give up.
Everything gives up.
And everything dies.
So we keep hope strong.
Strong to dream,
Strong to encourage.
And strong to live.
Live in hope.
The hope of all things.

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