Dragonfly Days

January 28, 2009
By fenderblitz GOLD, Maplewood, Missouri
fenderblitz GOLD, Maplewood, Missouri
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Dragon fly days
The wasp breaks rank
Jams the gun
And routes our flank
Flies along
Withers in kind
Chases the rays
Of that dull sublime

(So) Follow
On the wind
(and) Follow
Until the end

Over the field
Is all that he feels
Can't fight this pain
Searching in vain
For the one he lost
In this rain

Fair-weather friend
So hollow
As your soul has been

Looking out
Over our side
Can't find a reason
For us to fight
I've lost my hands
I've lost my eyes
I've lost my sight
But I can still see inside

(So) Follow
On the wind
(My) Hollow
Fair-weather friend
(and) Follow
Until the end
So hollow
As your soul has been

Is all that you've known
And this time is now ending
And so is your own

So how low
We reach the end

The author's comments:
Another song, but started as a poem so more true to that purpose.

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