Hoplessly Waiting

January 28, 2009
By Barry Sullivan BRONZE, Avon, Massachusetts
Barry Sullivan BRONZE, Avon, Massachusetts
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Standing alone on a dark, depressing path
Showing no hope or happiness and no light at the end
My eyes begin to turn black
From yet another cigarette ash
I look as if I'm waiting for something
But I just stand off in space
You know me as a name without a face
Seen by all cared about by none
The sands of time begin to run
Through my hands at an even pace
The world moves on without me
Another nobody lost for eternity
Never to awake from this never ending nightmare
That is my greatest fear
I'm at a window looking in
On a man who drowned in a puddle of wine
His biggest enemy was to much time
Time to think and time to morn
A life wasted by useless opportunities
Taken away by a merciless reaper
Who took away my swagger and grace
I am just a hallow shell of myself
Left to sit in my own hell
Created by a love so swell

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