let me sleep

January 28, 2009
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you know the wind when you feel it
touch, and touch again
try to catch it and it slips through your fingers
like sand, like rain

tears are no use here
neither are you, but you're here anyway
haunting the back of my eyelids
whispering to me in my sleep
dancing your way into every dream

nights become my days become my nights
of guilty pleasure and wasteful sighs
of sighs and blue-black beneath my eyes

time turns and spins 'round me
and i stand still, just watching it
the wind, spinning the leaves of my life
'round, 'round me
touch it, touching it however far away
it's gloomy thoughts however you look at it

please, let me sleep
please, let me dream and let those dreams be--
be anything but you, of you, nothingness is fine.
let me once again be me, and not a part of you

you who are you and you and you and even you
but never yourself and never me
never just the the person i knew, i met, have seen
always you, you following me, feeling me
your gaze that is not yours, touching me
can i say that i am haunted?
you, who don't exist, catch the wind for me?
hold it between your hands and let me drink of it
caress my too-tired head with it
let me sleep

let me sleep.

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