after friday...

January 28, 2009
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What's the matter with me?
Spun 'round so fast the haze is blue
can't see my hands reaching out to
night has become my day
i like it that way with halfhearted caring

my day has wasted away again
melted with the sun into the city's mouth
faded with the fog and the orange glow on my hair
the world is tinted black for a short season
of legal insanity
christen me heartless so I can lose myself
in this dim mockery of love

i can't help but laugh
and ignore the shivers
as our fingers tangle like blackberry vines

you called to me and i called to you
some say dancing clears the mind

witness my procrastination and listlessness
cowered in my bed because I'm too cold
to step out among the frosty stars
and scream away the throb located
below the belly and above the knees
questioned into existence
by crazed smiles and sleepy laughs

you mock me with your easiness

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