A Reflection

January 28, 2009
By Ashley Redfield SILVER, Emeryville, California
Ashley Redfield SILVER, Emeryville, California
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felt your arm around my shoulders again today
and was struck once again by the feeling
that it felt so right, lying there
but i ducked my head so you couldn't see my eyes
because they were telling tales
i only wanted to tell you once
and you should know by now this isn't a game

i have the hardest time reading you
except when i stare right at you
and i can't meet your eyes half the time
because mine are much too alive in your presence
and if i pull my soul away from my eyes
i can't read you, anyways

you could have kissed me today
the perfect opportunity
and yet i didn't let you nor let you know it could be
but it could have been
thought i'd let you know now

but perhaps in your mind it's not cheating
until you've kissed the other girl
the flirting and warm smiles and standing oh, so, close
and sitting with your leg pressed against mine
don't count, don't matter when it comes time to draw the score
and you leave me behind to reminisce
leave me trippin' at the smallest thought of you
knowing it is almost hopeless and still wishing

and wishing they'd all stop talking about her
and trying to make me go out with him
and i could pretend for a moment
i have you all to myself
and the smile you smile at me
isn't smiled at someone else

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