I hear America Crying

January 27, 2009
I hear America crying, the dispirited sobs I hear,
Those of fathers, each one crying as they look over their ever growing bills,
The homeless man crying as he begs for a quarter,
The beaten ones crying as they run for their lives,
The college graduate crying as he comes upon a brutal debt,
I hear the doctors crying as they time one more death,
I hear the raped women screaming as they shout for help,
The hard workers crying when they realize it's just not enough,
The drug addicts crying as they search the couch cushions for a penny,
I hear the unwanted children crying out for a safe home,
I hear the sobs of the hopeful,
Frantically searching for salvation,
I too, walk among them and shed a tear for this world,
Crying with tear stained faces our quiet hopeful cries,
Do you hear us?

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