I live for my dream

January 27, 2009
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I am living my life
always trying to be on top
I got to live my dream
and I am not going to stop

this is what I am supposed to do
and this is what's real
this is how my life goes
and this is how I feel

pain and suffering
throughout everyday
But its all for my dream
which is eventually going to pay

I am going to MIT
and becoming an engineer
I will make millions of dollars
and have no fear

I will take all the risks
that are going to pass by
and I am going to live my dream
till the day that I die

I am not going to give up
or ever lose hope
cause this dream is too long
its like an endless rope

I will keep going up
and endure all the pain
cause it will all work out
and it will be my gain

this pain might be too much
and even cause me to scream
but I will do it with pleasure
cause I am living my dream

I started from nothing
and progressed all alone
but I worked really hard
and made it on my own

If you be yourself
and follow your dream
and surpass all the obstacles
then you'll become supreme

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