Her-Story: The Fight

January 27, 2009
the oldest prejudice in the world
is not racism
hate for other religions.
the oldest injustice in the world
is for women.
equal-ness won't happen without a fight
and so women fight
Seneca Falls, New York
declared rights we hold
to be self evident
that all people are created equal
man and woman,
forever and ever, god help us all.
1850 the Quakers took pity and opened a college
the first woman graduated with an armed guard.
Isn't that sad couldn't even learn without someone
wanting to put her in her place
the world took a step forward
let an African American woman be a lawyer 1872
but a step forward doesn't always stay forward
1873 you can fire a woman
because god says so, it's his will
doesn't god have enough to deal with
without dragging him through this
besides, he believed women could do great things
Susan B. Anthony fought hard to put women voting on a bill
too bad it lost 36-16 in 1887.
And too bad 25 Senators didn't bother to show up
Then came war. 1909 World War One
Times changed, men left, so who could do their jobs?
women could and we did, working in factories
doing all the things we, before, apparently couldn't
at long last
the VOTE!
1919 Congress passes it
we are considered equal.
1964 Civil Rights Act
discrimination against gender is illegal
but our wages aren't equal
maybe someday they will be
1987 women's history month
let's make it her-story instead
the oldest wrong in the world
can never be amended
but when we are perfectly equal
healing can start.

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Raid2bcool said...
Mar. 3, 2009 at 6:24 am
i sware allison when mrs. babcock read this poem i was like wow... then when she said to someone if they wanted to ask the author a question... i mumbled to myself "theyre probably dead"then giggled to myself then blushed when she said you wrote it go figure... lol all it comes down to was that it was an awsum poem... keep it up
bandgeek said...
Feb. 15, 2009 at 6:59 pm
sorry i forgot to rtf this poem
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