Rocky Mountain Land

January 27, 2009
By dahlingg SILVER, Montclair, New Jersey
dahlingg SILVER, Montclair, New Jersey
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A misty, orange sky accompanied by a warm humidity,
That even dampened the bees and worms with sweat,
Began the day in a deserted, rocky mountain land,
Where the most interesting sight seen was that of foxes
Hunting for their dinner, and the loudest sounds were
Those of owls hooting from the tops of tall trees in the night,
Far away from any trace of civilization or human life,
Where snakes roamed free, without fear of being captured,
And put into their prison, left with the hopeless others,
Who once thrived in deserted, rocky mountain lands,
Before their home was discovered, by the greedy beings,
Who destroyed the steep, natural mountains, causing snow
To melt, from the black gasses entered into the air by large,
Shiny toys, and tall, grey rectangles that traveled high into
The blue sky, where there were thin wires attached to
Circular brown poles, deeply stuck into the hard, black ground,
So the once misty, orange sky that lived above the rocky
Mountain land, would soon house zombie creatures, unnatural
Organisms, who demolish everything in their path, and
Rarely look back to see what was left behind, dying.

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