An Heir to Their Love

January 27, 2009
By Adam Larsen BRONZE, Watertown, Wisconsin
Adam Larsen BRONZE, Watertown, Wisconsin
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An Heir to Their Love

She was a maiden fair with lovely golden hair,
Knights asked her hand and said they'd take her anywhere;
Her father kept her close to home, locked in a tower's lair,
And countless knights were sliced and killed if they expressed their care.

A hansom prince appeared and pounded at the iron-gate,
The father strolled on down to ruthlessly fight and debate;
The prince he started in on unreal thoughts of love and fate,
The stubborn father said his daughter's time would have to wait.

The prince was so determined not to let her slip away,
He wrote and sang her songs out on the lawn e-very day;
Her father said the prince would die if he prolonged his stay,
But love is strong and songs kept hopes up high and fear away.

One starry night the prince felt crushed and wallowed in despair,
But he was soon awakened loudly by the maiden fair;
'I'm dropping down a rope' she sputtered as she flipped her hair,
The prince immediately jumped and soon was high in air.

The air was cold as he advanced higher into the sky,
Although the maiden's lips were worth the wait and all the strive;
Their love was passionate and lasted 'til the sun did rise,
And all this time they rested meters from her father's eyes.

The prince climbed down at dawn and left her body aching tired,
He got atop a horse and rode away with gallant strides;
She called 'I love you' to his back as he began to ride,
And before long her perfect belly came to swell with pride.

The author's comments:
This piece of poetry is classified as a ballad and is meant to be sung.

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