What Happened

January 27, 2009
By lindsey walker BRONZE, Watertown, Wisconsin
lindsey walker BRONZE, Watertown, Wisconsin
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What Happened

You're getting older.
It's getting harder.
As you grow everything changes
Recess is gone.
The days are longer
The work is harder.
What happened?

When you were young school was a time of joy and laughter.
Friends were your friends every day.
When you were little you had no worries.
Today you never know who you can trust.
You never know who your enemy is.
What happened?

School used to be easy, fun, and exciting.
Now there's a test today, tomorrow, and the next day.
You can't handle it.
It's getting out of control.
It begins to seem like nothing is possible.
What happened?

The sky was the limit when you were little and your imagination was all you really needed.
As you get older your huge imagination slowly vanishes.
You can no longer be a great warrior, talk to animals, or fly.
What happened?

Your tolerance grows short.
Everything upsets you.
The little, unimportant things.
Not like when you were a kid.
Back then the only thing that mattered was what game you were going to play that day.
Nobody judged you.
It didn't matter what you wore or looked like.
Today, that's all that matters.
What happened?

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